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What you want me to be I can not be...What you want me to be I can not be...What you want me to be I can not be...I will not be the voice of the enemy!!!

Hi and welcome to the official Mighty Man web-site. Big John here I know you have not heard from me in a while. Well i do apoligize for that. I regret to inform you on the reason why I have not e-mailed you all in a while,two really big things happened. One is bad, the other is great. Mighty Man is no more, the time has come for us to go our seperate ways. Of course this was all a mutal feeling and time to do so. God has open many doors for us and continues to bless us constantley.

Jesse(the drummer)and I(the bass player)have started another ministry band called "Feels Like Yesterday" we truelly feel that the opportunity and the timing was of God. Kyle(the guitar player)has also joined a great band that will make a lot of head way, he is playing with, in my opinion, the best bass player in San Antonio. As most of you know Jason(the singer)has recently got married. He and his lovely wife Cecilia are very active in their church and Jason is curently working his great vocal talant in really great project.

And as for you the great fans and fellow friends. You are the reason that this break up was hard on us. We would not have been able to do this day in and day out with out you. You supported us over the year and a half and with you prayers helpes us overcome the trials and tribulations. You all have helped us to become better men of God because of it. We can not thank you enough. May God bless you like he has us and I look foward, as do the others, to see you guys at the shows. Peace and Take care.

-Big Fat John-

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